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Palm Desert Domestic Violence Lawyer

Many people assume that domestic violence only involves bruises and ambulances, but under California law, domestic abuse and domestic violence are one and the same. Here is a list of mental, physical, and emotional imbalances that you would experience as a domestic abuse/violence victim. If you:

  1. Are afraid of your partner
  2. Avoid certain topics of discussion in case you make your partner angry
  3. Believe you deserve to be mistreated/punished
  4. Believe that everything you do is never done right enough for your partner
  5. Question your sanity or intelligence
  6. Are emotionally numb to your surroundings or life events
  7. Are too embarrassed/afraid for family/friends to meet your partner

The abuser’s goal is to control you and they achieve that by limiting your freedoms. ALL abusers exhibit similar behavioral patterns against ALL domestic violence victims:

  1. They yell or embarrass you in public
  2. They criticize your actions
  3. Ignore your opinions
  4. Blame you for their violent outbursts
  5. Force you to have sex
  6. Have an unpredictable/uncontrolled temper
  7. Threaten you about your safety/life, and the safety of your relatives or kids, if you don’t do what they say
  8. Threaten to destroy your belongings
  9. Threaten to commit suicide if you leave
  1. They track/control your expenses and take money out of your account
  2. They control where you go and at what hours
  3. They don’t allow you to meet family/friends
  4. Limit your access to transportation
  5. They are jealous of anyone you meet with
  6. They withhold money or credit cards
  7. They withhold basic needs for survival, such as clothes, water, food, medicine, or even shelter
  8. They restrict you to a minute allowance
  9. They prevent you from going to work
  10. They sabotage your workplace by either constantly calling or visiting
  11. They limit or forbid communication altogether with anyone