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A house alone is just four walls with a roof, but it's the people inside it that make it a home. Much like a house, there are many parts to a family and without the support of all its members, that family falls apart. We are here to help you through such challenges which involve divorce, spousal support, child custody, restraining orders, and more. We work with you to resolve the matter quickly and efficiently for what is in your best interest. 



Scammers, liars, fraudsters, and thieves exist because their schemes succeed. Fraud can start with you losing your identity, and end with you serving a prison sentence for someone else's crimes. Our job is trace your steps from the moment that the crime took place and analyze all documents to prove your innocence. No one should be punished for trusting a fellow human being; only fraudsters thrive on that. 



Your work ensures financial security, but without the ability to function at your best, then your health and the well-being of your family are the first to feel its effects. Everyone needs a hand to grab onto, a shoulder to cry on, an ear willing to listen to your story. We are here to get you back on your feet when no one else would!



There's an alternate solution to solve your problems before you go to court  by writing up an agreement that both parties will like and follow. As a mediator that guides both sides to a reasonable solution, Athina Powers can save you money and time away from courts, and provide you both with control over your own case. 

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Your case is personal, so why shouldn't your case documents be? Spend a day working side-by-side with Athina Powers to add the correct evidence, content, and legal documents for your cases. When you work with the law, it's ALWAYS best to work with someone who KNOWS THE LAW.



Everyone needs a hand. Athina Powers created this self-help guide to answer some of the most common California family law questions that you may have, and give you tips on how to identify and overcome fraud and identity theft.