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A house alone is just four walls with a roof, but it's the people inside it that make it a home. Much like a house, there are many parts to a family and without the support of all its members, that family falls apart. We are here to help you through such challenges which involve divorce, spousal support, child custody, restraining orders, and more. We work with you to resolve the matter quickly and efficiently for what is in your best interest. 


Scammers, liars, fraudsters, and thieves exist because their schemes succeed. Fraud can start with you losing your identity, and end with you serving a prison sentence for someone else's crimes. Our job is trace your steps from the moment that the crime took place and analyze all documents to prove your innocence. No one should be punished for trusting a fellow human being; only fraudsters thrive on that. 


Your work ensures financial security, but without the ability to function at your best, then your health and the well-being of your family are the first to feel its effects. Everyone needs a hand to grab onto, a shoulder to cry on, an ear willing to listen to your story. We are here to get you back on your feet when no one else would!

Client Testimonials

~ Julia

Healthcare fraud expertise saved me and my medical malpractice from almost certain doom! After practicing medicine for over 38 years without a problem, the Federal Authorities came knocking on my door because my practice manager of ten years was stealing hundreds of thousands from Medicare, the IRS and insurance companies. Attorney Powers not only saved me, but also got helped me recover my dignity and some of the money I lost as a result of the major tri-state area RICO conspirators who stole my livelihood and cost me my license and freedom. Athina is the BEST!

~ Emmanuel

Restraining order, eviction and fraud case--I hired her for all three. If you get caught in a web of deception and need a lawyer, Athina is the one to call. She offered me a flat rate service and was worth every penny! Athina was quick to respond, always there for me, and did her research thoroughly--she never rushed to get me off the phone. She talked me through whatever was going on. Her obsession with detail in the paperwork saved my case! We went fully prepared and won hands-down

~ Stephen

America's core values still matter with Athina. I just started a malpractice case, and she talked with me as if I were a family member. Her stories and life views alone inspired me and made me feel like that was a chance for me to finally be recognized as a human being whose rights were violated due to the multiple errors of other law firms. She is what America used to be all about!

~ Allan

Attorney Powers gave me a new life and saved me from certain destruction professionally and personally. I had a complicated fraud issue involving taxes, divorce and business malpractice which I had shopped around for. No one had the professional experience that Attorney Powers had. She was quick to respond and gave me an in-depth explanation of her services and what I could realistically expect. In the end, I was free from any tax obligations, I uncovered the fraud committed by my spouse in divorce proceedings, and I walked away from a potential malpractice case. Attorney Powers is a legal whiz and top of her game as a fraud examiner. God bless this woman.

~ Suzan

Restraining Order, Eviction and Fraud Case- I HIRED HER FOR ALL 3. If you get caught in a web of deception and need a lawyer Attorney Powers is the one to call. Too often cases drag out and lawyer rack up the $. Athina Powers offers a flat fee service and is worth every penny. The hours involved in paper work, emailing and especially phone calls gets to be out of hand with an hourly attorney. Athina is quick to respond, always there for you, does her research and never rushes you off the phone. My case took a long time and involved a lot of hurdles along the way. She was always willing to talk me through whatever was going on and her complete obsession for detail in paperwork saved my case. We went in fully prepared and won hands down. That was my first 2 cases...two down and 1 to go!

~ Christine

Fantastic lawyer! Really cares about her clients and their needs. I needed a lawyer because my ex-husband and his accountant were trying to scam me from money I was entitled to. Attorney Powers took the time to go through the lengthy concerns. Her advice was invaluable, fresh and gave me a new perspective on where to take my issue. I retained her services and got a bonus--turns out she's an attorney and fraud examiner! Her fees were reasonable and her behavior accommodating. She listened to my needs and went out of her way to meet with me at the locations most convenient to me. Attorney Powers went the extra step to use her fraud examining skills and experience as a former European attorney to track down hidden assets that nobody else was able to located. She's a real pro and a fantastic lawyer which I highly recommend.

~ Juliet

Very kind, very helpful. I was helpless and tried the Avvo, Mrs. Powers is the only one replys me. She is so nice and patience, even if my case is confused. I was trying to tell her the problems I faced, and she replys me everytime with ideas and helpful informations. Thank you Mrs. Powers, my English is not very good, but thank you for your kindness and your strong spirit makes me see the dawn.

~ Judee K.

I have employed Athina. She's a truly gifted lawyer, whom I highly recommend without hesitation. She is passionate about her work, a fraud expert among numerous other legal skills. Her competence and experience, the knowledge & caring thought she displays for your case is both reassuring and unusual in my prior experience. You will KNOW you are in good hands if you are lucky enough to have her take your case. EXPERIENCE MATTERS, BUT HER PASSION MAKES THE DIFFERENCE!

~ William K.

Excellence at its finest. In today's cut-throat world, an attorney of both honor and high caliber is rather hard to find. I would like to personally thank Attorney Powers for her advice and expertise regarding my case. Considering my long experience with businesses and the troubles that come with them, I've had many attorneys advise me and each attorney gave me more confusing advice than the last and it was more expensive. I was on the verge of a financial breakdown and the counsels that were recommended to me only cared about how large a portion of my bank account would eventually be transferred to them. I met with one my long-time business partners and good friends who recently worked with Attorney Powers. He spoke so highly of her, as if she were a legal army of lawyers combined into one, so I asked for her contact details. Upon meeting her, the room filled with a wonderfully clear aura. It was not just another "ambulance chasing" attorney looking for their next score. I'd like to keep the matters of my consultation private but needless to say, there was no doubt in my head that she would be my legal counsel. Her retainer fee should have been higher considering the wonderful work she did and I can't thank her enough for her help. She truly put my faith in the legal system back.