Athina K. Powers

  • Attorney
  • Fraud examiner
  • Harvard law school-trained mediator
I successfully represented clients in cases ranging from divorce to fraud investigations, for the last 30

As an economist, Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), and California State Attorney, I can analyze cases from various
angles so that I can determine reasonable resolutions to disputes and provide successful representation for all
my clients. In addition to that, I can also communicate with you in Greek, French, Italian, and Spanish, in order to suit your needs.

Athina K.

30 Years of


We Help You

Stuck in custody battles? Need a restraining order? Filing for divorce? Whatever your story may be, you need a family lawyer and domestic violence lawyer to protect you and your family in these hard

  • We take all the parts of your story into account and write them down to present them to the court.
  • We incorporate all evidence and witnesses.
  • We communicate with you on the latest details and facts.
  • We update you on the progress of your case.
  • We strive for the best outcome.

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As a family lawyer and domestic violence lawyer in Palm Desert, CA, I represent clients throughout Southern California , with a focus in Riverside County. My staff and I go above and beyond to resolve your case as soon as possible and give you the best possible results.

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