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Family Law

Domestic Abuse IS Domestic Violence


Many people assume that domestic violence only involves bruises and ambulances, but under California law, domestic abuse and domestic violence are one and the same. 

Legal Lingo: Common Terms in Family Law


Lawyers are used to legal jargon but sometimes they forget that the average person does not make it a habit to browse through a law dictionary in the way we do. 

Divorce in California


In California dissolution cases, both parties have a duty to complete a Declaration of Disclosure which includes the list of the assets and possessions that each party has, called a Schedule of Assets and Debts. 

Custody Issues in "Non-Traditional" Families


One of the biggest legal cornerstones of the 21st century is the recognition of equal rights for gay and lesbian couples. This movement has brought to the surface issues of custody and visitation rights of minor children of "non-traditional" families and how the law applies to them. 

Spousal Support & Keeping Up Appearances


One of the biggest litigation issues that people need to overcome in divorce is spousal support...California Law requires the courts to base their spousal support on the standard of living that the spouse established during the time of marriage (CA Family Code Section 4330(a)).

Presumption of Paternity: Who's the Father?


We live in a volatile society and as such, many lawyers are faced with clients that admit to us that they fathered a child with a married man or woman. Then, they wonder, "Who's the father?"

Financial Discovery in Divorce


Since California is a community property state, it means that "everything you purchase during your marriage belongs to both of you (spouse/partner)."





Fraud Law

My Stolen Identity


When I arrived to the United States in 1997, I became a victim of identity theft...the person who assumed my identity and social security number, went around pretending to be me and creating debts in my name. 

Steps to Take After Identity Theft


#5. Place a credit freeze: Contact the State Attorney General's Office in your state and ask if there is a fee to put a freeze on your credit. You need to make this request in writing. Remember to ask for how long that freeze can last. 

Common Scams That Trick Consumers


You are not alone in that Internet jungle; there are a lot of people that are in the same position as yourself, which means that there are just as many that are taking this opportunity to make money by taking advantage of your needs.

How to Spot A Liar: Crime in Grammar, Part 1


Every word that the individual uses in a narrative are a personal choice and indicate the behavior of the person.

How to Spot A Liar: Crime in Grammar, Part 2


Depending on the speaker's tone and writer's word choice, each sentence is imbued with different meaning, intention, causation and expression. 

Sleeping With the Enemy: When Friends Become Foes


How do you know that the person you socialize with, work with, or even date or marry, is actually the person that they say they are? 

How to Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft


# 22. Do not share personal information on social networks. Before you register with websites, make sure you read the privacy policies that secure your personal information. 

How to Catch A Forger, Part 1


...captured criminals and fraudsters are the experts, teachers, advisors and mentors for new generations of crime fighters and fraud examiners.

How to Catch A Forger, Part 2

image91 catch a criminal, you need to first and foremost learn how to profile a criminal: their psyche, behavior patterns, actions and timing of those actions, their upbringing and personal history or past crimes, and most importantly, how they communicate--verbiage, tone, format, etc.