What It Is

Mediators are neutral parties that help both sides of an argument cooperate to find a middle ground in their case. The goal of mediation is to allow both parties to control the outcome of their case before it reaches a judge or jury. Mediators do not decide the outcome of the argument--they just allow you to have more control over it. The sooner that the problem is resolved with the mediator, the less likely the case would have to go to court. 

What We Believe

Disputes are a normal part of daily life, but that does not mean that your disagreements need to reach the courts, judge and jury just for you to find some peace and balance in your lives again. 

We believe that a healthy intervention by a mediator would allow all parties involved to see and understand the different perspectives that led to this dispute in the first place. We are here to help you find a balance and come to a mutual agreement that benefits everyone.

What We Do For You

There are several stages to mediation, but the overall goal is one: mutual agreement. As a mediator, Athina Powers will guide you during every step of the proceedings to identify the problem, see all sides of the argument, and help you reach a final decision that benefits all parties. 

This is a matter of negotiation and we are here to ensure that all voices are heard.