Legal Docs-to-Go

What It Is

Legal docs-to-go is a quick and easy service that fills out the appropriate forms you need for your case. Since every case is unique, different, and personal to you, your legal documents have to be, too! 

There are numerous court forms available online that you can access. Legal docs-to-go helps you pick the right ones for your case and Athina Powers advises and fills them out with you. 

Depending on the status and urgency of your case, Athina Powers can also make a court appearance on your behalf. 

What We Believe

If you are going to argue the law, then you need to work with someone who knows the law. Attorneys base their living on citing the law and writing the documents that best fit your argument, your case, your personal fight! As such, we believe that a case as personal as your own should be attorney-supervised for accurate results. 

You shouldn't have to rely on the hands of the inexperienced because you think it would save you money. One mishap, one wrong form, one piece of evidence missing, and you start from scratch again. When it comes to your welfare, trust in someone who knows the law to help you.

What We Do For You

We want to know your case as well as you do, but we need your help to do that. It's true that cases can be expensive, but that usually happens when you don't ask the guidance or advice of someone who knows the law. 

Athina Powers works in-person and side-by-side with you to: 

  1. Understand your case
  2. Find the right forms
  3. Fill them out with you
  4. Use correct legal terms
  5. Attach the necessary evidence that will strengthen your argument in court