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The home should be a place to feel safe, relaxed, and at peace. Unfortunately, that is not the case for everyone. Domestic violence is one of the most troublesome things that can happen to a person, and it happens more frequently than many people think.

Domestic violence cases can be incredibly intimidating. Though the law is arranged to protect victims, the process can still take its toll on one’s mental and physical health. It’s important to know that any difficult parts of the legal process are far better than the abuse you’ve endured. Many victims obtain lasting relief and peace through a domestic violence conviction.

If you are facing domestic abuse of any kind, it’s important to get yourself to safety. With the help of a Riverside County domestic violence attorney, you can rebuild your life and create a safe, supportive environment for your future.

The Law Offices of Athina Powers: Your Riverside County Domestic Violence Attorneys

Our team is highly experienced in family law cases. For over 30 years, we have been protecting domestic violence victims from their abusers and ensuring that the law protects them as well. With our resources and experience, we can create a case that leaves no room for misinterpretation. Your abuser’s criminal defense attorney does not stand a chance against our expertise and tenacity in the courtroom.

When it comes to fighting for people experiencing domestic violence, no Riverside County attorneys are more equipped to handle your case than the Law Offices of Athina Powers. We have been in this industry for many years and work diligently for justice and fairness in all situations. We are compassionate and understanding throughout the process and offer you a safe space to bring your story.

What Are Domestic Violence Cases?

On a basic level, domestic violence is any assault, acute or ongoing, that occurs between intimate partners or members of a household. This can be between spouses, partners, roommates, parents and children, etc. When many people think of domestic violence, thoughts of physical violence arise. Though physical violence is certainly a facet of domestic violence, it is not the entire picture. There are many other forms of abuse that can arise in the home. Other forms of domestic violence include:

  • Sexual abuse or assault
  • Financial abuse
  • Emotional or mental abuse

These come in many forms and look different in almost any situation. Unfortunately, the nuance can make it difficult for a victim to recognize or admit that abuse is occurring.

Why Do I Need a Domestic Violence Attorney?

Individuals who commit domestic violence are master manipulators. Whether you are being abused mentally, physically, or sexually, your abuser will likely try to convince you that their actions are normal. Their criminal defense lawyer will also use predatory tactics to get you to drop your case or minimize your claim. It can be hard to resist the tactics of a criminal defense lawyer without understanding what’s going on.

It’s important to protect yourself during this time of uncertainty and vulnerability. Our domestic violence attorneys can help to make sure that you use all the resources available to you to win your case and earn your safety back. You have options available to you, and an attorney can ensure that you’re making the right choices for your future.

Types of Domestic Abuse

As mentioned above, there are many kinds of domestic violence. Within those categories, there are varied offenses that a domestic abuser may commit. Physical abuse is when an abuser uses non-sexual bodily violence against their victim. Examples include:

  • Kicking
  • Punching
  • Slapping
  • Pushing
  • Biting

Sexual abuse occurs when an abuser engages in sexual activity with someone who does not – or cannot – consent to the activity. This includes:

  • Rape
  • Sexual coercion
  • Sexual assault
  • Exploitation

Financial abuse is another form of domestic violence, though many people don’t recognize it. Financial abuse occurs when one person withholds shared money from the other or uses it as a way to manipulate the other person. Finally, emotional and mental abuse occurs when an abuser is engaging in behaviors such as:

  • Yelling
  • Belittling
  • Gaslighting
  • Manipulation
  • Stalking

Any of these behaviors, when done between individuals who live together or share an intimate relationship, is considered domestic violence.

Domestic Violence and Restraining Orders

Many victims stay with their abusers because they are afraid to leave. It’s important to know that there is a process by which you can get an emergency restraining order against your abuser. The police can help you to file this and get emergency approval, so your protection begins quickly after you report. This is a great comfort to many victims and reassurance that they’ll be protected if they do leave.

However, temporary restraining orders only last for a little while. You will still need to bring your abuser to court to get a more long-term restraining order. Proving your case in court against your abuser’s domestic violence defense lawyer can be difficult and emotional, so it’s best to allow our attorneys to help. When you win your case, you will likely have long-term protection against your abuser.

Proving Your Domestic Violence Case

Though it may be painful, it’s important to retain as much evidence of your abuse as possible. Take photos of any injuries if you can, and see a doctor as soon as possible to confirm. If you’ve been sexually abused, go to the hospital right away, as they can obtain evidence for you. Keep any texts, messages, letters, emails, or any other kind of documentation of what happened. This information helps to build your case and protect you in the long term.

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