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What It Is

Family law deals with marital and domestic issues such as divorces, child support, restraining orders, adoptions, and more. There are many different aspects involved in family cases which range from community property assets and child visitations, to spousal or restraining orders. As such, family law proceedings can be very long and confusing, especially when the parties refuse to cooperate. 

In most situations, the cases are too emotional to handle alone, so family law attorneys are needed to come to a compromise that will benefit both parties.

What We Believe

Families are the base of cultures and societies, so if two parents or partners don't cooperate, then the entire family structure falls apart, creating deep emotional and psychological scars in the future. 

Our mission is to find a balanced and equal foundation that both parties can flourish from for the good of themselves, their future, and the healthy and safe upbringing of their children.

What We Do For You

We personally guide you through every step of the proceedings, and tediously works on your file to expedite your case. Attorney Powers works one-on-one with you to stand by your side and keep you updated on the status of your case: emails, texts, phone calls, and more. 

We don't charge you for paper clips, photocopies, or emergency calls like other lawyers, because when you walk into our office, your problems become ours to resolve.

Self-Help Articles

Domestic Abuse IS Domestic Violence (and vice-versa)


Many people assume that domestic violence only involves bruises and ambulances, but under California law, domestic abuse and domestic violence are one and the same. Here is a list of mental, physical, and emotional imbalances that you would experience as a domestic abuse/violence victim. 

Custody Issues in "Non-Traditional" Families


It is a well-known fact that human relationships do not always end up smoothly and can easily change into nasty relations. The greatest fear is exposing custody battles to young children that affect not only their present life but also their future.

Spousal Support & Keeping Up Appearances


What happens in the case when only one of the spouses pays all the bills and rent while the other spouse takes the money and invests them in various banks in the U.S. or abroad?...In situations like this, you'll often wonder where the knowledge of the law stops and where the research begins.

Financial Discovery in Divorce


Since California is a community property state, it means that "everything you purchase during your marriage belongs to both of you (spouse/partner)." Of course, there are certain exceptions and rules, such as prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, and many twists to the above statement, but this article's intention is to clarify what happens to individuals when they undergo a divorce process.

Presumption of Paternity: Who's The Father?


As people said in the old days, beyond the law the only person who knows the father of a child is the mother. Thus, if you have any doubts that your significant other's child is not yours, consider filing a motion for a blood test within two years of the child's birth.​

Divorce in California


Family law is where you see the best people on their worst behavior, and divorce can be a messy deal, but only because the people involved in it make it that way. It's easy to say, “Let's shake hands, what's mine is mine and what's yours is yours, and let's go our separate ways,” but in a capitalistic society such as ours—and in a failing economy like this—we manage to turn our best friend into our worst enemy. 

Legal Lingo: Common Terms in Family Law


Lawyers are used to legal jargon but sometimes they forget that the average person does not make it a habit to browse through a law dictionary in the way we do. Below are the most common acronyms and terms that you will come across: