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"The last of the Genuine Honest extremely knowledgeable Attorneys in Family Law and Fraud...Living in a No fault state of California I thought that I didn't' have a chance, until I met Mrs. Powers" ~ June 2017



"Ms. Karamanlis Powers is a great lawyer who will take the time needed to prepare your case. I highly recommend her to anyone who is searching for a detail oriented, smart lawyer." ~ R. Cuddy, 2016



"She's by far, the best lawyer I've come across in my days. I would definitely would go to her if a problem ever arises again and again, because I can trust her to give me her honest opinion and take me by the hand to resolve any issue I have." ~ Mo Ga, 2013

Client Success Stories

Alfonse, 2012

KNOWLEDGEABLE IN BUSINESS MATTERS. I am an accreditation & regulatory consultant in my own business, Accredittion & Regulatory Consultants, LLC. As such, I frequently consult with attorney Karmamanlis-Powers regarding various business matters. Attoney Karamanlis-Powers has a wealth of knowledge in matters relating to organization, structure, and legal aspects of operating a business. I am preparing to expand my consulting business to California. Attorney Karmanalis-Powers provided me with valuable information on the law govenring out-of-state organizations conducting business in California. Through consultation with attorney Karamanlis-Power's, I was able to get my organization approved as a provider of continuing education by the California Board of Nursing and the District of Columbia Board of Nursing.

Greta O., 2013

Fantastic lawyer. Really cares about her clients and their needs. Needed a lawyer because I believed my ex husband and his accountant were trying to scam me from money I was entitled to. Attorney Powers promptly answered by call and took the time to go through my lengthily concerns. Her advice was invaluable, fresh and gave me a new perspective on where to take my issue. I retained her services and got a bonus- she's an attorney and professional fraud examiner- which worked out great for me . Her fees are very reasonable when compared with other attorneys who charged me over $ 200,000 with few positive results. Attorney Powers is accommodating , listens to my needs and even has convenient office locations so I'm able to meet her at which ever location is better for me. In my case, attorney Powers went the extra step to use her fraud examining skills and experience as a former European attorney to track down hidden assets no body else had been able to locate. She's a real pro and fantastic lawyer who I highly recommend.

Suzan, 2014

Restraining Order, Eviction and Fraud Case- I HIRED HER FOR ALL 3. If you get caught in a web of deception and need a lawyer Attorney Powers is the one to call. Too often cases drag out and lawyer rack up the $. Athina Powers offers a flat fee service and is worth every penny. The hours involved in paper work, emailing and especially phone calls gets to be out of hand with an hourly attorney. Athina is quick to respond, always there for you, does her research and never rushes you off the phone. My case took a long time and involved a lot of hurdles along the way. She was always willing to talk me through whatever was going on and her complete obsession for detail in paperwork saved my case. We went in fully prepared and won hands down. That was my first 2 cases...two down and 1 to go!

Georgiana, 2015

Helped me with my divorce. Wonderful attorney and wonderful person. I highly recommend this attorney for any divorce or family relating issues. I was hopping back and forth between lawyers saying one thing and lawyers saying another. After having gone through abut 3-4 different attorneys, I thought I might as well go for one more and I'm glad I did. She did everything I needed and at a fraction of the costs the other attorneys requested.

Juliet, 2016

Very Kind, very helpful. I was helpless and tried the Avvo, Mrs. Powers is the only one replys me. She is so nice and patience, even if my case is confused. I was trying to tell her the problems I faced, and she replys me everytime with ideas and helpful informations. Thank you Mrs. Powers, my English is not very good, but thank you for your kindness and your strong spirit makes me see the dawn.

Anonymous, 2017

The last of the Genuine Honest extremely knowledgeable Attorneys in Family Law and Fraud. There are lawyers who look at you as their income and then there are lawyers who God blessed with the compassion and understanding of the law to defend those persons who don't know how to defend them them selves when they are thrown in the legal court system.

Living in a No fault state of California I thought that I didn't' have a chance, until I met Mrs. Powers