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Who Pays for Attorney Fees in a Divorce in Palm Springs, California?

Divorce cases involve a myriad of factors, ranging from custody to asset retention. These can have drastic long-term effects for all parties involved. One of the biggest aspects of any divorce is the financial impact of the proceedings. From court fees to legal services, the…

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What Qualifies as Domestic Violence in Joshua Tree, California?

Domestic violence cases are some of the most heinous crimes a person can commit. The effects of domestic violence can be felt not just by the victim but also by their families, friends, and even their co-workers. Unfortunately, this type of abuse is all too…

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Legal Lingo: Common Terms in Family Law

Family law lawyers are used to legal jargon but sometimes they forget that the average person does not make it a habit to browse through a law dictionary in the way we do. Below are the most common acronyms and terms that you will come…

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Divorce in California

In California dissolution cases, both parties have a duty to complete a Declaration of Disclosure which includes the list of the assets and possessions that each party has, called a Schedule of Assets and Debts. Of course, that doesn’t mean you need to account for…

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Custody Issues in “Non-Traditional” Families

One of the biggest legal cornerstones of the 21st century is the recognition of equal rights for gay and lesbian couples. This movement has brought to the surface issues of custody and visitation rights of minor children of “non-traditional” families and how the law applies…

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Presumption of Paternity: Who’s the Father?

We live in a volatile society and as such, many lawyers are faced with clients that admit to us that they fathered a child with a married man or woman. Then, they wonder, “Who’s the father?” Under California Law ( CA Family Code Section 7540),…

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My Stolen Identity

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Steps to Take After Identity Theft

Place a fraud alert with all the major credit report companies. An initial fraud alert is valid for 90 days, so you need to renew it as soon as it expires. Order credit reports. Create an Identity Theft Report: a. Write out all the details…

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Common Scams That Trick Consumers

It’s blatantly obvious that our economy is not in the best of shapes; people lose their jobs but the bills just keep piling up. At one point or another, the internet goes out altogether and you find yourself burrowed in public wifi locations in dire…

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How to Spot A Liar: Crime in Grammar, Part 2

When we communicate either orally or in script, words are sewn together to form sentences, which provide the reader and listener with an external version of our inner speech. Depending on the speaker’s tone and writer’s word choice, each sentence is imbued with different meaning,…

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